Counseling can be powerful, but the process isn’t always perfect. One of the concerns I hear most often is “How can I make the most of my time between sessions?”

It’s a valid issue, especially given that most people only get to spend time with their therapist every couple more or less, and daily life presents us with all sorts of challenges. Fortunately, traditional counseling isn’t the only option for helping you work through situations, and Care to Change is constantly developing new resources you can draw upon during that gap between sessions.

  1. Join one of our groups

For example, some people find it helpful to participate in a group while they’re undergoing counseling. Each counseling session allows them to take a deep dive into their own situation or issues they wouldn’t be comfortable discussing in front of others, while group sessions give us insight into solutions and approaches other people have found useful. We have a new group called “yoga for mental health” on Mondays at 11 and at 7pm the YMCA, for example. This helps you learn to incorporate breath and movement for stress and anxiety reduction.

  1. Check out our Resources

Others draw strength from resource materials we’ve posted on our website, including several years’ worth of blog posts and podcasts. The search function can help you zero in the areas you’d like to know more about. In addition to helping you deal with the issue in the moment, what you find may give you something to discuss at your next session.

  1. Listen to our podcast

Perhaps you’re not ready for a group or you’re not much of a reader. That’s ok! We have over a year’s worth of podcasts on relevant topics like anxiety, parenting and relationships. This month we’re talking about boundaries all month long.

  1. Join an intensive.

If the counseling process seems far too slow for your situation (or your patience), you may want to explore our new intensive programs. They allow most people to gain the benefit of many months’ worth of sessions in just a couple days. We’ve included an article about intensives in this issue.

These resources and services are all part of our commitment to create safe spaces and content for helping you rediscover who you are … and helping you celebrate and move ahead with your God-given purpose. Care to Change exists to help you fulfill your potential and find more joy in your life. If you think of other ways we can support your journey, please let us know! Contact us today.

April Bordeau is the Managing Director and therapist of Care to Change. A licensed clinical social worker, she has focused on helping families overcome challenges in their lives for over 25 years.

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