Wondering what to expect when you visit Care to Change the first time? We know some people are curious about what they’ll see, and others may be a little apprehensive. That’s why we created an online “tour” of our Avon office.


Each of our locations has a lobby area. Visitors tell us it’s a warm, welcoming environment with natural textures and colors. You’ll see this same theme at all of our locations.

You’ll also note that it doesn’t feel clinical like a doctor’s office, or cluttered like a home office. Regardless of where you choose to see us, you’ll know we’ve been waiting for you and are honored you have chosen us to walk this journey with you.

Kids room

In each of our three locations we have a designated kids room. In North Indy, we have an art therapy room. In Prestwick we have a larger room with table and other child friendly supplies, and at Avon we have a sensory swing and weighted stuffed animals. We know that young ones can be fearful of new places, so we’ve designed our kids’ room to put them at ease and keep them curious.

Session Rooms

Our counseling rooms are comfortable, and they’re decidedly professional.We play soft music and use aromatherapy to help you keep comfortable.

Regardless of which office location works best for you, we’ve chosen furnishings that make you feel at home, along with indirect lighting and supportive artwork.

You’ll work with your counselor in a comfy setting, rather than across a large desk or table. It’s conducive to conversation and it’s part of the healing process.

Hospitality Areas

We believe that hospitality is part of the healing process. Want a cup of coffee, water, or a healthy snack? Be our guest and help yourself!


We designed offices with wall coverings and other materials that cushion and capture sounds. You won’t be distracted by outside noises during your session, and you won’t need to worry that others can overhear what you’re discussing. And for inspiration, we’ve decorated walls with artwork that shares positive thoughts and reminds you of timeless truths that bring healing reminders.

Unique to Our Prestwick Location

You’ll enter our Prestwick location by going to left (south) of the gray building, called the Journey Church. Once you’re inside, the warm colors and cozy appointments will put you at ease. The four rooms for counseling are quiet, comfortable, and private, making conversations with your counselor easier. Make yourself at home. We’ll be right with you!

Unique to our North Indy/Carmel Location

To visit our North Indianapolis location, enter the building and take an elevator to the third floor. Find a comfortable place in the shared seating area, and when your counselor is ready, you’ll go to one of four private counseling rooms. Make yourself at home.