Creating partnership to reach more people

As awareness of the importance of mental health grows, the need for services is increasing more quickly than the availability of professionals to deliver those services.

That’s why Care to Change is proud to develop partnerships in the communities we serve. By working together with churches, businesses, schools, and other professionals, we can enhance everyone’s ability to support others. 

For example, we can help employers develop employee assistance programs (EAP) to give their team faster access to help with depression, grief, substance abuse, and other mental health needs. We can provide targeted assistance to help educators overcome the effects of trauma in classrooms. And we can support busy pastors by providing counseling when church members need more than a simple conversation.

We’re also willing to work with medical and other professionals in our communities to coordinate care and serve as a mutual source for referrals. 

If you or your organization would benefit from developing an association with the Care to Change team, please reach out and let us know how we could help each other.

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