"Care to Change offers what other places don’t – intentional training as a professional; encouragement for spiritual growth; support through life circumstances; involvement opportunities for community and outreach/partnerships."

Interested in joining the Care to Change team?

We created Care to Change with a clear mission and purpose, and our team members are vital in every step of that journey.

The people who turn to us can count on help from highly educated professionals who believe in both evidence-based approaches and timeless truth found in scripture. And those professionals can count on a supportive work environment that helps them stay refreshed and their skills sharp.

It’s simple: we treat people the way we want them to treat us. That’s why so many professionals have joined our team. Beside having a care team and administrative support that allows them to focus on counseling, they appreciate our environment and clear expectations. Our office is a professional setting designed to make people comfortable while respecting their dignity and protecting their privacy.

Our work environment is flexible, and appointments are built around your schedule. Comfortable with Telehealth? So are we. We offer paid holidays and PTO, along with compensation reflecting your expertise and success. And our outreach efforts build demand for your services.

Interested in expanding your knowledge or obtaining a certification? We recognize the importance of continuing education and professional development. From clinical in services leadership trainings and retreats, we support your growth and self care — and we offer a self care stipend to encourage team members to care for themselves. We’ll even help you with license renewals.

We grow together, we celebrate holidays and milestones together, and we’re there to support each other and share expertise and insight.

Sound like somewhere you’d like to be? Email us at inspirechange@caretochange.org.