People approach counseling in many different ways. Some are very hesitant to share deeply private feelings, and it may take several sessions for a therapist to draw out important issues. Others enter into counseling without a real goal in mind, traveling quickly through the healing journey with their counselor.

And then, there are the people who just want to get on with things. We live such busy lives it may be difficult to stretch out conversations over several months. If you’re one of those people, Care to Change has alternatives that may be perfect for you.

It’s called an “intensive,” and it’s something we offer for a variety of needs, including marriage counseling. Instead of spreading therapy out across months of weekly or biweekly appointments, an intensive packs a lot of highly focused work into two or three days, typically over a weekend. That time is filled with a structured series of sessions with one or more therapists, as well as time for relaxation and reflection.

Intensives typically allow people to receive the same benefits they’d get from six to 12 months’ worth of sessions in just a few days. They’re a way to get further faster, achieving meaningful progress in a fraction of the time. A key benefit is not having to wait a week or more between sessions, so issues tend not to be forgotten or pushed aside during the gaps. That’s especially important in areas such as marriage counseling, where a challenging session could leave both parties angry or anxious while they wait for the next scheduled session. And, although intensives are highly focused, they’re also individualized to your needs and personality.

Most important, intensives aren’t “less” therapeutic. They’ve been proven to be just as clinically effective as traditional courses of therapy.

Does this approach to counseling sound like it fits with your personality? The best way to determine whether an intensive may be right for you is to talk with our team. We’ll explore your situation and goals, so you’re able to choose with confidence. To learn more about intensives, please set a time to sit down with us. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Email Kristy at or contact us today.

Kristy Easley is our lead Care Coordinator.

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