I’ll bet that if I asked you to name ten steps you could take that would improve your well-being and let you live a healthier life, you’d have no trouble coming up with that list. We all know the basics of healthy living, but most of us have a habit of looking the other way more often when we should. Give me a choice between dark chocolate and kale, and you can guess which one I’ll pick every time.

Fact is, we all know what we can do to be healthier. Actually doing those things is the tough part. However, it’s worth the effort. When we take care of our bodies, it also helps us take care of our minds and our attitudes. The healthier we feel, the more energy we have, and the more we enjoy what life has to offer.

Many people (mothers in particular) put their health on hold while they focus on taking care of those around them. Caring for others — whether it’s your kids, an aging parent, or a spouse with medical problems — is certainly admirable and important. But if you fail to take care of yourself, you won’t have the strength and stamina you need. When we talk about staying healthy, that’s not limited to our physical health. We also need to take good care of our emotional and mental health.

Paying attention to your own health isn’t being selfish. Far from it. It’s part of caring for the body God gave us and serving the purpose He intended for us. If we’re not healthy, we can’t serve Him as effectively. The more you do to take care of yourself, the more you can do to help others.

The best part is that you already know what to do to be healthier. You need to get enough sleep every night and exercise every day. You need to eat the right foods in the right amounts, and avoid things that hurt your body like too much soda and sweets. If you’ve been sick, give yourself adequate time to recover. Healing requires real rest — not just “trying” to rest.

If you’re struggling to take care of yourself, or if you find challenges with food and exercise to be too stressful or overwhelming, we can provide help. Care to Change has professionals who focus on helping people get more out of life by taking better care of themselves. We can give you practical strategies that will put you on the right path, and as you experience the results, you’ll find yourself taking even better care of yourself. Why not contact us today?


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