Much as I wish it hadn’t taken a pandemic to bring mental health to the forefront, I firmly believe we’ll be better off for it. Besides showing us the importance that connection is in all aspects of our lives. The pandemic reminded us that everyone feels stress from time to time, and every one of us need to strengthen and tend to our mental health before and during those stressful times.

We all have moments when we feel anxious and we all have days when concentration is difficult. As we watched our co-workers, family, and friends struggle, we realized we weren’t alone in those feelings and we extended a little more grace to the people around us.

Most people in our communities have been the beneficiaries of this understanding, but as with so many other kinds of resources, others have been left behind. Historically, some groups of our neighbors – including children, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ communities and people who are dealing with complex or highly stigmatized conditions – haven’t had access to high-quality mental health care. Mental Health America has produced an excellent report providing additional insight into the scope of the disparities.

My purpose in mentioning the mental health gap isn’t to spark debate about the causes. Instead, I want to ask you to help us continue to create solutions that support those who have not been supported in getting they need.

Care to Change works closely with several partner organizations who have made a commitment to supporting underserved groups, and I invite you and the groups in your life to do the same. For example, local churches have reached out by funding mental health services through Care to Change for people who could not otherwise afford them and partnering non profit organizations have funds set aside to help families in need.

If you, your family, or your church or other organization would like to create a powerful and positive impact on people’s lives, I invite you to partner with us as a sponsor. Your sponsorship will make it possible for kids and families to receive the life-changing benefits of professional counseling that bring sustainable change. Your support will not only address immediate issues they face, but will help them gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to move ahead.

We welcome the chance to work with you to bring healing and hope to those in need, and we’ll be happy to discuss opportunities with you.

(And if you’d like more information about resources, once again, I’ll point you to Mental Health America and this guide.

April Bordeau is the Managing Director of Care to Change. A licensed clinical social worker, she has focused on helping children and families overcome challenges in their lives for over 25 years.

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