Company leaders typically agonize before making key investments in their businesses. Maybe it’s making a case for a new piece of technology, moving into a new market, or adding a few thousand square feet to a facility. Most of the time, the investments pay off handsomely, and you’ll hear the leaders say things like, “I wish we’d done that a year ago.” Care to Change is also a business, and that’s something we understand.

Business advice usually isn’t part of our profession, but we would like to recommend you make an investment that can benefit your operations in many ways. By investing in activities related to your employees’ mental health, you can help them improve their lives and relationships in ways that enhance engagement and productivity while reducing turnover.

Different companies have different needs. For example, we helped desk workers at one company improve their health and sense of well-being by teaching them how to perform chair yoga several times a day. We’ve held simple workshops on practical stress-management techniques for other companies. Our professional counselors have also provided teambuilding activities to develop stronger connections and a sense of belonging. We can even provide proven steps for making their money go further, reducing financial worries.

Know what happens when companies invest in their people like this? The leaders hear words of appreciation. More important, they see visible changes in behavior and performance.

Wondering what you can do to support your team and what kind of investment that might involve? We’ll be happy to sit down with you and share some ideas … and we’re confident that once you see the impact on your employees, you’ll wish you’d started earlier!

Brittany Gipson is our Director of Clinical Operations. A licensed therapist, she has been helping families for nearly a decade and she currently is part of the Leadership Hendricks County class of 2022 (exactly 20 years after our director became an alunni!)

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