No matter how many people we call “friends,” most of us have at most a small handful of others who we feel comfortable confiding in, or reaching out to when we need support. Sometime that small group of friends is helpful. Other times, not so much.

Most friends won’t hesitate to be there to help you through everyday issues. When it comes to life’s most challenging issues, though, your friends probably aren’t the best choice for help. For one thing, it’s hard for a friend to be objective, and many of those tough matters call for that. It can also be tough for a friend to be completely candid with you, even when you need to hear things that may be tough to swallow.

Finally, it’s probably unfair for you to expect your friends to help you solve those difficult issues that demand significant time and emotional energy. It can even throw your relationship out of balance or drive you apart. Have you ever had a friend who became so “needy” that you stopped spending time with them? You wanted to help, but their situation demanded more energy (and wisdom) than you had to offer.

That’s when you may really need a professional counselor like the team at Care to Change. For one thing, we’ve created a safe space where you have time to focus solely on you and the challenges you’re facing. Therapy really is all about you, and that’s a good thing. You don’t have to find the right moment to talk with your friend or interrupt something they’re trying to tell you. Your counselor is completely focused on you and won’t respond to something you say by sharing a problem of their own.

Even more important, professional counselors are objective about what you share. They’re there to help you, not judge you. They’re willing to listen to the things you’ve been afraid to share with others but need to say, and they’re legally and ethically bound to keep what you tell them confidential. You don’t have to worry about hurting their feelings when you disagree with them or get upset about something they’ve said. Nor will they waste your time, because they want to help you get to the root of issue and find better ways to move forward. And most of all, you can count on them to be candid with you.

We love our friends, enjoy their company, and appreciate what we learn from them. But when we’re facing life’s most serious issues, it’s good to know there’s somewhere we can turn with complete confidence and confidentiality. Is it time for you to look beyond your friends for the help you need? We’ll be happy to schedule a time to chat. Contact us today.

And here’s a quick podcast to further explain this topic.

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