Wouldn’t it be nice if our jobs were free of problems and challenging deadlines? I can already see a lot of eyes rolling. As the pace of our world has increased, work has become increasingly stressful for many individuals. When companies downsize, the remaining workers are expected to do more. Deadlines shrink and to-do lists grow.

Then toss in what’s happening with our personal lives. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed at work, what happens when one of your kids gets sick … or your car breaks down? How does caring for an ailing parent affect your focus and productivity on the job? If you’ve been arguing with your spouse, how well can you concentrate at work? And who has time to relax?

Stress and anxiety can have negative impacts on our individual health. In the workplace, they can have the same effects, as well as hurting attendance, productivity, and performance. Research shows that mental health has a clear impact on companies’ bottom line and insurance costs. A recent study reports that people with mental health conditions make six times as many ER visits as the average person. Aetna Behavioral Health says annual mental health costs are increasing at twice the rate of other medical expenses.

You probably can’t eliminate stress from your workplace, but what if you were able to help your employees do a better job of managing stress? What if they had proven strategies for staying in control when things get overwhelming? Suppose they had solutions for those outside problems that affect their performance on the job?

By working with the Care to Change team, you can support your employees in ways that will also benefit your organization. For example, we can come in and present workshops or lunch-and-learns about dealing with stress, understanding anxiety, avoiding burnout — even simple relaxation exercises they can perform in minutes at their desks.

We can also provide specialized counseling for employees and mental-health screenings that your employees can use confidentially to determine whether they or their family members might benefit from assistance. Our team provides one-on-one, group, marital and family counseling that will make a difference. We’ll address your employees’ needs with discretion and a focus on the individual that will reflect well upon your referral.

Want to have a conversation about what we can do to help you help your employees? Contact us today, and we’ll arrange a convenient time to talk!

Danielle Huff oversees many of the day-to-day details at Care to Change including the human resource functions and workplace culture.

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