“Oh, you’re with Care to Change!” It happens more often than I expected it would. I’ll be in some kind of social situation or waiting in line for something, and I’ll strike up a conversation with someone I’ve never met.

“I’m not exaggerating … Going to Care to Change turned my life around. I had struggled to understand my fear and felt stuck for so long. I was given a space to discover the root causes and to make peace with myself and what I have been through. I thank God for her every morning!” The stories change but they’re always about life-changing services and how much they appreciate their therapist, and how different the environment is at Care to Change.

Hearing story after story brings me such gratitude and fulfillment, but there is a more serious side too. The stories remind me of the responsibility that our team carries as we journey with people of all ages and walks of life. We never take this work for granted. Holding space for men, women, couples, kids, and teens is sacred work. For all of us at Care to Change, whether a counselor, therapist, care coordinator, coach, or even one of our admin team members, we consider this work our calling. In fact, when we interview candidates interested in joining our team we even ask if coming to Care to Change would be a job, a career, or a calling.  The opportunity to help others find healing, and joy and purpose in their journeys is nothing short of miraculous and we want people to join our team who take this work as seriously as we do.

When Care to Change opened its doors, we sensed a hunger for a different approach to counseling. We dreamed of a professional, yet comfortable place where skilled therapists could help people take confident steps and find healing in ways that were consistent with their most deeply held beliefs. We were convinced that we were meeting an unfilled need, and even with all of the planning and knowing the need, we never expected to grow so quickly. Now the question I get asked isn’t “how is going?” as much as it is, “Have you considered adding a location to (fill in the blank). People know the need is great. And people are crave change.

I’ve served in some really special roles over the past 30 years, and have been grateful for the opportunities I’ve had, but none of those experiences inspire me as much as when someone smiles and says, “Oh, you’re with Care to Change!”

If you know of someone who wants to join our team, have them fill out an online application here. We’re looking for marriage and family therapists for our Avon and North Indy office, and we’re looking to add to our care team. In the meantime, thank you for trusting us, for telling your friends and family about us, and for stopping me in the grocery story, doctor’s office, and sporting event to let me know about your experience at Care to Change. Your courageous work inspires us to continue.

April Bordeau is the Director of Care to Change. A licensed clinical social worker, she has focused on helping children and families overcome challenges in their lives for 30 years.


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