If life is truly a journey, there seem to be a lot of roadblocks, wrong turns and traffic jams along the way. Sometimes, we find that we’re stuck and unable to move forward, no matter how much we want to get rolling. Most of the time, it’s temporary, and we’re able to pick up speed again — but there are those moments when forward progress seems to be impossible.

If that describes you, don’t feel bad. That inability to move forward in life is more common than you realize. Nearly everyone runs into it from time to time. If you’re feeling like you can’t get started on your own, or if life seems to be pretty hopeless, maybe it’s time to get help.

Finding a professional counselor might be your best option. But what would you make you consider turning to a someone you don’t know? And how would they help beyond what a great friend listening during a girls night out could do? There are several reasons to turn to a professional, and one of the most important is privacy. You may have a great relationship with your family and close friends, but there are probably feelings and thoughts you still wouldn’t be comfortable sharing with them, especially if there was a chance that they might mention it to someone else. Professional counselors are ethically bound to keep your privacy, and those of us at Care to Change are not going to judge you or think any less of you for what you say, how you feel or what you might have done.

You see, a counselor’s job is to help you move toward healing, purpose, and personal fulfillment. Sure, we give evidence-based advice at times, but you’ll discover that we actually spend most of our time listening to you and helping you draw out your thoughts, feelings and next steps. The better we can understand you, your motivations, and your past, the better we can help you find the strength you need to move forward. In addition, we can provide objective guidance, which would be hard for people who know you well or who have to keep living with you.

Care to Change is different from most counseling centers because all of our professionals use research based methods and we’re drawn to help others because of our foundation of Biblical truth. We don’t preach the Gospel during counseling sessions, but when asked, we share guidance that’s aligned with timeless truths found in scripture. God’s love for others and the Bible’s teaching are central to us as people and as professionals, and we serve the people we see in the same way.

So if you’re tired of running into roadblocks and detours, and want to start moving forward with confidence about your purpose and goals, we’re here to help. Contact us today to arrange a convenient time to talk. 317-790-9396. Call today.

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