… it probably does. When you sense that something isn’t quite right in your relationship, there’s probably more going on than you realize. Without corrective actions, you’re likely to develop more issues and drift farther apart. That’s why it’s valuable to get help before problems grow. Counseling can help you improve your relationship immediately and give you a foundation to keep it strong over the decades to come.

At Care to Change, we use the Prepare/Enrich process to strengthen marriages. It’s a proven, systematic approach that helps us identify what’s working well in your relationship, as well as areas in which you both need to grow. The process begins with each of you taking an online assessment that provides a sense of your attitudes about the many components of a marriage — from basic communication, to conflict resolution, to in-laws, to intimacy, to even how you divide responsibilities and manage money.

We compare each spouse’s answers regarding level of satisfaction in each area. The areas where they don’t match up are the ones where there are opportunities for growth. Some issues are so common that they’re almost universal. For example, most couples need to work on active listening and assertive communication. Healthy conflict resolution and understanding how true forgiveness works are also common areas for growth.

We’ve found that most couples like the Prepare/Enrich approach because it looks at both logical and emotional needs in a relationship without resorting to blame. The areas it explores are part of everyday life in every marriage, and the fact that it also identifies areas where couples are aligned gives us a positive foundation to build upon. Even healthy marriages can benefit from the process.

Sometimes, couples are nervous about entering counseling. They view the need for it as some kind of deficiency on their part, or they’re ashamed that they have to turn to a third party for help. But marriage isn’t easy, and the only way most people learn about it is by watching their parents. No matter how much you love your parents, is their marriage your image of the ideal relationship?

Going through this process together is a great way to address your current challenges and prepare you for the issues you don’t yet see. Plus, when you resolve the habits of communication or partner styles that irritate you, you’ll see more of what led you to fall in love in the first place. What can counseling add to your marriage? Contact us and find out.

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