Most companies have mission statements. Those statements either encapsulate the company’s beliefs or provide insight into the company’s objectives. Some take their mission statements very seriously, but for others like us, it’s little more than an exercise.

When we decided to start Care to Change, one of our first decisions was that our counseling center would be rooted in a well-defined set of principles, and that everything we did and every decision we made would be in alignment with them.

We started by drafting a mission statement. It’s brief, but we see it as a powerful description of what we do every day: To help individuals and families maximize their God-given potential by providing Biblically based counseling and life-changing solutions.

Then, to define our values and establish how we would go about pursuing our mission, we set down four principles that is a part of what makes us unique:

  • We acknowledge that God is the owner and sustainer of Care to Change, and that the families we are serving are His children, each made in the image of Christ, pre-planned for good works and a fruitful life of purpose.
  • We rely on the Bible for guidance and direction on all matters and commit to adhering to Biblical principles when making all decisions.
  • We interact with all business partners and clients professionally, respectfully, and courteously.
  • We will protect the dignity of our clients and respect their decisions for care by following and imitating Christ’s example of love and compassion in every interaction, serving our clients as though we are serving the Lord.

In short, we believe that every interaction we have with someone — whether it’s a client, a vendor, or a fellow professional — is an opportunity to reflect God’s love and light. That may be a fairly simple statement, but it contains a powerful promise to ourselves and those around us.

We know it’s important to understand the background and beliefs of your counselor. If you’d like to know more about our professionals, feel free to contact us.

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