Have you ever heard yourself remark, “I wouldn’t want to be a kid these days”? Growing up has never been easy. Despite all the new technology and the opportunities that weren’t available to you and me, growing up today is especially difficult. The combination of higher expectations, less free time, greater academic pressure, ever-present social media, and tough family issues is forcing children to contend with ever-higher stress levels.

Unfortunately, that spills over into classrooms. Both public and private schools are recognizing that a growing number of students need extra attention to simply get through the day. Achieving academic success is often secondary to basic emotional survival.

It’s not a matter of ordinary misbehavior in the classroom, poor concentration, or grades that take a sudden and surprising drop. For many students, school is a safe respite from chaotic or abusive home lives. Fractured families and parents with their own problems mean that many of those children and teens don’t know where to turn or how to cope. Even trained school counselors may not have the professional knowledge or confidence to help these students. And if they do, there isn’t time to get to all the students who have need.

The professionals at Care to Change can serve as a trusted resource for schools. We can provide the additional support students need when they lack supportive, positive relationships in their lives. We can evaluate situations and offer practical guidance to parents, teachers, and administrators. When crises occur (such as the death of a student or staff member), we can provide immediate assistance to back up the school’s own efforts.

Our professionals can also provide in-service training for teachers and administrators on the impact that trauma and attachment issues can have on students, and the ways in which those issues can manifest themselves in the classroom and the hallways.

It tough to be a kid these days, and it’s tough to have the responsibility for guiding today’s kids to become self-sufficient, stable adults. It’s one of society’s most important roles. We’re here to support schools and educators as they serve students and families.

If you see a need in your school, contact us. It’s why we’re here.

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