Everyone knows about mental health, right? And if you were to experience a mental health challenge, you’d recognize it and know the right steps to take, wouldn’t you? You might be surprised, but often, the people who need help the most don’t believe they could benefit from talking with someone. Instead, they fall for one of these common myths:

  1. I can handle this alone. I may have white knuckles and be completely terrified, but I don’t need help from anyone else to solve my problems. My parents raised us to be self-reliant.
  2. Who needs sleep? You weaklings complain about getting less than seven hours a night. I don’t get more than four, and look how great I’m functioning!
  3. Exercise is my cure. Who needs therapy when you can run a couple extra miles or add 50 reps to your workout? I always feel better after exercise.
  4. It’ll get better. I’ll feel better when I get a new job. Or after my vacation. Or after my brother moves to California. Or whatever I believe the real source of my anxieties are.
  5. It’s my problem, not yours. Hey, what I’m going though is about me and me alone. It doesn’t affect anyone else. If they have a problem with me, maybe they’re the one that needs a therapist.
  6. It’s too late for me. Yeah, I’m a wreck, but I’ve been traveling down this road for 20 years. Maybe if I had seen a therapist back then, but it’s not like I can change at this point of life.
  7. I can do it. One of these days I’ll find the right self-help book or website that will magically answer my questions and solve my problems. Haven’t found it yet, but I’m still looking.

If any of those comments sound familiar, it’s time to be honest with yourself and realize change is needed. Take a look at our team of professional counselors and pick out the one who looks like they might be a good fit for you. Then contact us to set up an initial conversation with them. You don’t have to commit to anything but a single meeting. But we suspect you might be surprised by what you hear … and how it makes you feel. Why not reach out to us today? We know you’ll e stronger for it.

Teresa Land is one of our therapists who works with kids and families.

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