Allyson knows she could benefit from therapy. A healthy dose of impostor syndrome and a failed marriage have unleashed plenty of anxiety, and the pressures of her job grow more intense as she advances in her career. Add in two teenage daughters — one in high school show choir and the other a two-sport middle school and club athlete — and you’ll understand why the thought of trying to maintain a weekly appointment with a counselor seems impossible.

That’s what led Allyson to choose an intensive. Instead of spreading therapy out across months of weekly or biweekly appointments, an intensive packs a lot of highly focused work into two or three days. Over one of the weekends when the girls are staying with their father, she’ll sit down with one or more therapists in a structured series of sessions that will be broken up with time to relax, recharge, and reflect upon what she’s learning.

While intensives are often associated with marriage counseling, Care to Change offers sessions for other needs as well. We understand how busy people’s lives have become and know the only thing standing between them and the counseling that would help them live happier, more purposeful lives is time. Intensives allow us to serve the needs of those who just can’t make traditional counseling work, who simply lack the patience for it (and there’s nothing inherently wrong with being impatient), and for those ready for immediate results that can take time when meeting week after week.

Intensives are an effective, proven way to get further faster, achieving meaningful progress in a fraction of the time. How much faster? Over just a few days, most people achieve the same level of insight and gain strategies for improvement that would normally take as long as several months or even a year’s worth of sessions.

That’s especially important in areas such as marriage counseling. Sometimes, a particularly challenging session can leave both parties angry or anxious, but they can’t address those feelings and the underlying officials until the next scheduled session, which is a week or two or even longer away. With an intensive, couples can tackle their issues and feelings while they’re still fresh. And while an intensive probably won’t solve all the issues, most couples make enough progress that they’re eager to continue counseling.

Is an intensive right for you? A good place to start is talking with our team. We’ll explore your situation and goals, so you’re able to choose with confidence, and we’ll answer all your questions. Email Kristy at to set a time to learn more about intensives. And, as always, scheduling an appointment is as easy as emailing, or clicking here.

To apply for an intensive, click here.

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