You’ve heard the expression “mind over matter,” and it’s true that our minds are more powerful than we realize. The right encouragement from our brain can propel us to new achievements and better performance. But incorrect messages can stop us in our tracks and keep us from experiencing the growth we need. In short, our mind can also keep us stuck.

If you’ve ever done any gardening, you’ve probably encountered a situation where a healthy plant has started to wither and lose it’s leaves. Eventually, you decide to repot it, and that’s when you realize its roots had nowhere to go in the small pot. They had become so entangled they were literally choking each other. When you put the plant in a larger pot, it was again able to flourish.

In the same way, the personal mindsets we develop can either help us grow, or they can serve as blockers to growth. When we refuse to change from the way things were, or we declare that something must be done a certain way, or we frequently find ourselves using words like “always” and “never,” we block ourselves from growing.

Growing as a person takes desire and follow through. You can’t grow if you don’t want to, but no matter how much you want to grow it won’t happen just by wishing to grow. It takes action.

What else promotes growth?

  • Curiosity. As small children, we’re fascinated by everything around us and want to learn all we can. By the time we’re adults, many of us have suppressed that sense of curiosity and have replaced it with dutiful responsibility. Reawaken curiosity by learning about something you always wanted to know about. Get in the habit of asking questions. As you stretch your mindset, you’ll find your curiosity growing even stronger.
  • Wonder. God’s world is an amazing creation, and we’re often so busy we forget to notice and appreciate it. Pay attention to the beauty around you. Watch a hummingbird feed itself. Take some time to stare at the stars. Follow a stream and notice how it changes with every foot.
  • Possibility. Jesus taught us God makes all things possible — a lesson to remember when our mindset tries to limit us. Dream of things you’d like to achieve and pray for God’s guidance to help you move forward.
  • Creativity. We usually think of creativity in terms of art or crafts, but it’s really about being open to new ways to do things. When something isn’t working out as planned, step back and look at the situation again. There may be a solution you hadn’t considered.

Are you frustrated by your mindset and finding it hard to change? One of our professional counselors may be able to help you better understand your own roadblocks and give you strategies to start moving forward. Talking with one of us may be the first step you need. Call us today.

Jean Crane is one of Care to Change’s therapists. She has helped women and young adults with issues related to depression, anxiety, stress and trauma. She is an EMDR certified therapist and has been helping families for 20 years.

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