Think counselors and counseling centers are all alike? It’s true that the counseling profession is all about helping individuals and families deal with life’s challenges, but counselors approach their work in a variety of different ways. It’s important to find one that works for you.

If you’re considering seeing a counselor, that’s an important consideration. We’re not saying that one type of counselor is necessarily better than another. Why it’s important is that you want someone whose approach makes you comfortable and whose values are in harmony with yours. You also want to be certain that the person you’re trusting to help you has the knowledge, expertise, and ethics to serve you properly.

Care to Change offers many of the same services as other counseling centers, but we base everything we do on a three-tiered approach. Our professionals are well-educated in their field, bringing a wide base of knowledge and practical experience to people’s needs. Just as important, we use what are known as research-based approaches to helping people. That means we employ strategies and techniques that have been tested extensively and found to be effective.

Perhaps the biggest difference between us and many other counseling centers is the third element: our knowledge and practices are all rooted in a solid foundation of Biblical truth. We see our work as service in Christ’s name and image, bringing hope and compassion to our brothers and sisters in need. Our job isn’t to preach the Gospel, but to live it and provide guidance that’s in harmony with the lessons Jesus and His disciples brought us. While some see morality as a mythical concept, we view God’s Word as central to our lives. There is right and wrong in the world, good and evil, and part of our service is helping others know how to make the right choices.

Another difference is our setting. Some counseling centers have an antiseptic, clinical atmosphere. Other counselors practice in a spare room at home, which can be far too intimate and informal for some people. We’ve set out to create spaces that are both comfortable and professional, demonstrating that we’re friendly and approachable, yet we take our work very seriously. When you come to our counseling center, we believe you’ll find it easier to have constructive conversations. It’s the first step in healing.

If you have any questions about our approach or would like to visit us, please get in touch with us today.

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