I’m sure you’ve read that wonderful quote from Fred Rogers (TV’s Mister Rogers) about his mother telling him in fearful situations to “look for the helpers.” Our team recently joined together creating a formal statement confirming our role during the current time of international uncertainly. We’re sharing it here in the hope that it will remind you that we are here for you. May we all have the courage and faith to be helpers for those around us.

We, at Care to Change, resolve to:

  • remain a voice of peace, calm, and rationality at a time when fear and dread speak loudly.
  • uphold our guiding principles so they sharpen our focus in the face of crisis and circumstances.
  • be fully present for those we serve, whether in formal sessions or conversations.
  • speak and act from love, faith, and compassion in every interaction with others.
  • freely share our resources when others stumble into the mindset of scarcity.
  • notice and celebrate the blessings God bestows upon us each and every day.
  • support churches, businesses, schools, individuals, and families as they navigate the fear of the unknown and contend with the emotions accompanying these unsettling times.
  • through our example, invite and motivate others to join us in service to others.

This we resolve, March, 2020


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