Churches play so many important roles in our communities. While their primary purpose is sharing God’s word and promises with people, they live their commitment through a wide range of activities. Pastors and church leaders are there to help members who wrestle with personal and family challenges. They support outreach activities to serve the less fortunate in the community. And they help their members better understand the spiritual side of significant issues in life and the world.

Care to Change is proud to serve as a resource for pastors, lay leaders, mission teams, care staff, and congregations. We support their important work in many ways:

  • Watch and listen to quick presentations on topics of current interest on our podcast and YouTube channel.
  • Learn ways to improve the effectiveness of church ministries by participating in our regular roundtables where pastors speak freely about the challenges they and their members face.
  • Invite our professionals to present in-church workshops delivering practical advice on topics such as anxiety and depression, successful marriages, compassion/ministry fatigue and family issues.
  • Refer members who need counseling related to mental health, addictions, marriage, finances, and health and wellness.
  • Join our prayer team, so that we can reach out to God in unison to support those who need strength and healing.
  • In the meantime, find useful resources that can help churches get information consistent with their values to members who need it on our website.

Want to know more of how we can help you? Take a look through our website, or contact us with your needs, and we’ll find the best way to help!

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