Care to Change is more than just a group of professionals who work to help individuals and families better understand themselves and handle the many challenges life presents. We’re also a group of concerned people working to strengthen mental health and resilience in our community. In addition to what we do in our counseling centers, we’re actively working with community organizations and task forces to raise awareness about mental health and encourage widespread support for those in need.

You don’t have to be a mental health professional to help us make our communities stronger. There are many ways people from all backgrounds and walks of life can support those efforts. For example, you can:

  •  Join Hendricks County’s mental health/wellness coalition, a diverse group of people with an interest in building the community’s knowledge of mental health and increasing awareness about the many services available to our neighbors.
  • Learn more about anxiety, depression and suicide and learn the simple steps each of us can take to identify and help those in need. Why not invite our team to your church, workplace, or organization to explain more? Using what works has saved thousands of lives worldwide.
  • Join our new student against suicide initiative.
  • Use your resources, skills, and experience to make a difference for kids, teens, and marriages.

Looking for more information or links to organizations that are doing great things? Visit the resources section of our website! (And if you know of a resource that isn’t listed there, please share the information with us.)

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