Care to Change opened its doors in early 2016 to address an underserved need in the community for evidence-based counseling services delivered by highly educated professionals who shared a foundation built upon Biblical truth. The response was so great that we quickly had to expand our counseling center in Avon.

Care to Change has continued to serve more and more families, thanks to church leaders and teams who have trusted us our who appreciate our Christ-centered philosophy. We have great news. After much prayerful consideration and planning, we’ve decided to add a second location in Brownsburg, at the Elevate Office Suites just north of downtown. Our new offices, which opens next week, will be more convenient for families in northern Hendricks County and the Whitestown/Zionsville area, and it will allow us to serve even more families in need.

We’ve grown in other ways, too. We are offering secure video sessions to make counseling more accessible. We’ve created a YouTube channel with short videos to offer practical solutions to current issues (such as reducing anxiety about having to wear masks).

We’re also close to releasing a podcast created to address our most asked questions relevant to marriage and parenting and mental health. While a podcast cannot provide the same value as one-on-one counseling, it will make our professionals counsel more readily available. We see it as a great way for people to share what they’ve learned with friends and family members, for people who are looking for quick advice on a pressing problem, and for churches to point members to when they’re facing an issue.

We’re thrilled by the response from the community and are attracting other professional counselors who see what we’re doing and want to be part of it. As we continue to grow, we’re looking for other ways we can provide support to churches, individuals, and families in our communities. Is there something in particular we can do for you or your congregation? Please let us know!

Brittany Gipson is Clinical Manager of Care to Change, and helps children, adolescents, and adults cope with and overcome mental health and addiction-related issues.

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