It’s never easy to be a church leader. Whether you’ve been pastor for decades, are a newcomer to the pulpit, or have been one of the many lay leaders who volunteers more hours and more emotional energy than you ever expected, there are always more challenges and more need than time. That’s true during whatever we call “normal” times, but it’s even more so as the world battles with all we’ve experienced over the six months.

All of us at Care to Change want you to know we see you. We’re watching you do some of the most difficult work you’ve ever faced, and we are inspired by your faithfulness. We also want you to know we’re here for you. Whether you need our support to help you manage your own doubts and anxieties, or whether we can help you address the needs of your congregation, we’re ready to help so you can remain steady with your calling.

We can’t overstate the importance of churches and their leaders in times like these. Not only are the members of our congregations seeking answers and guidance, but as we experience social distancing and the closing of familiar places, we still crave connections with other people. Churches are more than the places we gather to hear God’s word. Churches serve as our extended families, surrounding us with love and people who help us remain faithful and accountable.

And while those who lead our churches are filled with undeniable strength, we never lose sight of the fact that you’re still human. Sometimes you need someone you can turn to who can listen, understand, and provide support. And, that’s our calling.

These days, you’re giving your congregation courage and understanding, and we’d like to help you reach others who need to hear your messages. Have you preached a particularly effective or meaningful sermons or lessons that you’d like to share? We would be happy to give that as resource to those connected through our online channels. Please feel free to email us a link, and we’ll give your wise words a wider audience. We’re in this together, and we need to let others know there are places of comfort and leaders who speak timeless wisdom.

Meanwhile, know we see the work you’re doing, and it’s solid. It’s encouraging. And, it will last well beyond whatever COVID brings. We’ll continue to remember you in our prayers and encourage you to remember us when you need a little extra help. If you have a specific request, please let us know.

In this together, all for His kingdom,


April Bordeau is the Director of Care to Change. A licensed clinical social worker, she has focused on helping children and families overcome challenges in their lives for over two decades.

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