We’ve all been living through one of the toughest times most of us will ever encounter. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been affected. The early panic about COVID gradually turned into fear, and then it became something we just had to live with, so we developed strategies to cope with the emotions we felt.

Coping strategies are an important part of staying mentally healthy in the face of challenges, but they aren’t enough. They can keep us bound to our thoughts and let us escape despair and fear for a moment. But our brains and bodies keep score. We’re proud when we “get past” a difficult time, but deep inside, the trauma we face (or have experienced) takes a toll on our emotional well-being and our physical health. We need more than coping. We need healing.

Recently I heard something like, “a massage is really great, unless you need a tumor removed.” Coping is really great, but without the deep heart work that requires bravely looking inward, leaning in to whatever we find, and uprooting what holds us back.

That’s why we’ve dedicated this edition of our newsletter to you and everyone else who wants to pursue and embrace healing. The stories you’ll read offer practical steps for taking that next brave step beyond coping. They’ll open your eyes to the possibility of healing and renewal to be gained when you make space in your life for trusting relationships and the kinds of holistic interventions Care to Change’s professionals provide. If you recognize yourself in any of these messages, I encourage you to learn more. Calling us is a courageous first step and we’re here for it.

April Bordeau is the Director of Care to Change. A licensed clinical social worker, she has focused on helping children and families overcome challenges in their lives for over 25 years.

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