Three years of dating. Twenty two years of marriage. Three beautiful kids and a nice house with great neighbors. It was like a dream until it suddenly became a nightmare. She discovered the secret he hid so well for so many years. She cried. She pleaded. She demanded that he make a choice. So he did.

She didn’t plan for life to turn out this way, and she just doesn’t know what to think. What to do. Who to be. He took care of the money, and she doesn’t even know how much they have. They’re fighting over the kids, they’re fighting over things, and she’s tired of fighting. She’s tired of trying to explain things to their friends. She’s just plain tired. She doesn’t have enough energy to exercise, but her mind won’t stop long enough for her to get a decent night of sleep.

Her friend suggested counseling, but how do you do that? She’s feels ashamed. She feels stupid. How did she miss it? It’s all so embarrassing, and it isn’t getting easier. How did she not see it coming? How did she not know? She thought she was doing things the right way…

Maybe you know her. Maybe you are her. Either way, you need to know that it’s not a hopeless situation. Inside each of us there’s a warrior. We’re waiting to find our purpose and live in the fullness and joy that were intended for us the moment we were conceived. When dreams shatter we can still find joy. As psychologist Larry Crab says, “Shattered dreams have the power to change our lives for good. Forever.”

Picking up the phone and asking for help may seem terrifying, but it’s actually one of the bravest steps you can take. You have to make that call, but you won’t be alone. We’ll walk beside you through every step of the healing process. We’ll help you understand what you’re feeling and why. We can’t make the anger and bad memories disappear, but we can share ways that will keep them from taking over your life. We’ll help you summon courage that you didn’t realize was within you. We’ll help you help your children through their own challenges. And we’ll guide you as you find that warrior you were meant to be.

We just need to know you want our help. And we’re easy to reach. Call us today.


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