One day soon, we’ll announce our move to our permanent counseling center across the road from LongHorn Steakhouse and IHOP in Avon. We’re excited to share the center with you.

In the meantime, we’re getting quite an education in subjects professors never taught us during our college days. For example, the processes involved in getting permits from local government agencies, the best ways to configure office space (what’s known as a build-out), and how to contend with what seems like thousands of decisions about paint, carpeting, furniture placement, light switches, and doors. We’re making every decision with clients in mind. We want the lighting and décor to promote the peace of us want to experience. We want to maintain a professional office, but keep the comfortable feel in our current office. Like we said, the decisions seem endless right now.

When you think about it, a project like our construction build-out has many parallels with the challenges people encounter every day. We all have to make so many decisions. Some are so easy that we don’t even think twice about them. With others, we have to stop and consider the options before making a choice. And some are so challenging that they can be intimidating. As we’ve run into the last group, the best solution has resulted in us turning to someone who knew a lot more about the subject than we did, or who could look at the decision in a different way. For example, an architect knows how to ask the right questions that will help us make the best use of our space.

Turning to a counselor is very similar. People may have their own opinions and think they know the right answers, but they just aren’t sure. A professional counselor brings an objective viewpoint, skills and experience to help draw out what’s really important to each of us.

If you needed electrical work, you’d probably call an electrician. If your car stopped working, you’ll reach out to a mechanic. There’s no shame in reaching out to an expert like a counselor when you’re struggling with the challenges life presents. We’ll start where you are and walk with you toward where you want to be. Our goal is to get to the heart of what’s keeping you from enjoying the life you want, giving you practical steps so you can move forward at a pace that’s right for you, and helping you celebrate your own progress.

We look forward to celebrating the completion of our project this summer. You are welcome to drive by and take a look at our progress if you’d like to see where we are. In the meantime, feel free to call us when you want help taking that next step to find peace and freedom. We’re here for you.

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