If you run a business with more than a few employees, you may not realize it, but I’m sure you’ve experienced the impact of mental health issues. Perhaps you call it behavioral health, or even social and emotional health. Call it whatever you’d like, but when problems in employees’ personal lives spill over into the workplace, they can impact attendance, productivity, and performance. And no matter how much we all want to have the appearance of ordered lives, we all experience challenges at some point. It might involve marital problems, coping with the care needed by a family member, perhaps an inability to deal with stress, sudden loss, or even substance abuse issues. The question is, what can you do about it?

Any number of circumstances can impact a person’s mental health, and when your people suffer, my guess is you care about helping them. And your bottom line might show the impact. Research shows there is an impact of mental health on your bottom line and insurance costs. A recent study reports that people with mental health conditions make six times as many ER visits as the average person. And Aetna Behavioral Health says annual mental health costs are increasing at twice the rate of other medical expenses. Make no mistake. The mental health of your team is important for operating a successful business.

Some companies have tried to handle mental health issues through Employee Assistance Programs, and while EAPs are one approach, they often don’t become an option until an employee’s issues have become serious enough to make termination the only other option. We think there’s a better, more proactive way to address mental health in your workplace, and that’s through a partnership with our team.

We can work with you to educate your employees and provide support for the challenges they’re facing at a cost far less than employee turn over expenses or lost work time. Our focus is on addressing issues in ways that reflect your interest in and caring for your employees’ lives.

We can provide specialized counseling for employees and mental-health screenings that your employees can use confidentially to determine whether they or their family members might benefit from assistance. We’ll address your employees’ needs with discretion and a focus on the individual that will reflect well upon your referral.

That’s not the only way we can support your business. Through workshops or lunch-and-learn sessions, we can educate your employees on proven strategies for overcoming workplace conflicts, handling stress or finding ways to avoid burn out. We can educate your team on issues such as anxiety and depression, so they can know what to do if they or someone they love are suffering. And we provide one on one, group, marital and family counseling that will make a difference.

I’m sure you recognize the benefits of having a wellness plan for your employees. We think you’ll see even more benefits by addressing their mental health, too. If you’d like to learn more about mental health and your business, join us at our  60 minute “Mental Health & Your Business” workshop this week by registering here. If you’d prefer a one on one discussion, feel free to connect with me directly. We’re here for you.

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