We’re excited to announce Care to Change Counseling Services!

Care to Change is a new professional counseling center in Avon that’s been created to provide a unique counseling resource to people in Hendricks County and surrounding communities. We’ve developed a powerful combination that will help families and individuals:

  • professionals with extensive education and a solid grounding in proven, research-based approaches,
  • an office setting designed to put everyone at ease, with features to provide comfort and assure personal privacy, and
  • a foundation built upon the timeless truths God has provided in Scripture.

We see potential in every person we meet, and our role is to help each person live with joy and purpose. People come to us with a variety of challenges. Some have no trouble explaining those challenges. Others struggle to find the words to describe what they feel. Our role as professionals is not to tell them how to live, but to help them discover what brings them purpose, identify what’s been interfering, and help them embrace lifelong strategies to surpass challenges along the way. Everything we do is rooted in scriptural truth, academic research, and years of experience.

Perhaps you feel stuck or frustrated. Maybe you’re overwhelmed by despair or a lack of purpose. It could be that you feel disconnected from those you love. Or maybe you see those signs in someone who’s important to you. That’s why we’re here. Please contact us and give us the opportunity to listen and provide support.

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