All of us face struggles at some point in our lives. These struggles may include stress at work, difficulty in marriage, or problems with a family member or friend. Alternatively, struggles may include depression or anxiety, drinking alcohol too often, or even uncontrolled worry. Sometimes, life’s struggles can be eased by taking better care of oneself, and perhaps talking about the issues with a pastor, a supportive friend and/or family member. 

But there may be times when these steps don’t resolve the issue… there hasn’t been growth in understanding the situation (“just aren’t connecting the dots” or “feeling stuck”).

So you’ve picked the place and the person – and you’re wondering, what exactly is going to happen at that first appointment?  Join our director and therapist, April Bordeau, and guest host, Larry Vinson, as they talk about what you can expect between the time you make the appointment and the end of that first session. 

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