Dear client,

You came to me because you needed to learn something about yourself and your life. You weren’t sure exactly what it was, but you knew that you couldn’t figure it out alone. You trusted me to help you see it in a different way and find the missing pieces to the puzzle life had become. You wanted to live a happier, more joyful life, and you hoped I could help you in finding it.

Your courage has inspired me.

As you shared what you held so deeply, as you stumbled to find the right words, as the tears trickled down your cheek, you showed courage so rare today. I saw the understanding come to your eyes along with the tears. I watched you react as you finally figured out things that had confused you for years. I witnessed your strengthening as you confessed your fears and realized that you could actually overcome them. As you shared your deepest secrets and shame, I saw them lose their power to control and oppress you. I watched your shoulders rise and your head lift high and straight.

Your bravery and candor inspire me. Your tears become small baptisms that cleanse the hurt and pain and replace it with hope. Past events that held you back become the chapters that will lead you to courageous places. Yes, it can be exhausting to feel so much emotion, but it is also so restorative.

The progress you’ve made is what led me to become a therapist. It wasn’t some vague idea about “helping people;” it was the opportunity to serve as God’s hands in guiding one of His children to understand and achieve life’s divine purpose. You have purpose. And your brave sharing reminds me to live mine.

Thank you for your courage. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for your hard work. You are worth it and I’m so grateful to have been a small part of your story.

Taking that next step with you,



April is co-owner and therapist at Care to Change Counseling Center

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