As a longtime pastor, I know there are times when it’s difficult to address a congregant’s needs as quickly as they want. I’ve also learned that may people who think they need a great deal of help really just need a quick dose of common sense. Wouldn’t it be great if you had the right advice and resources right at your fingertips?

Thanks to the Care to Change team, you do. On our website you’ll find a broad variety of items that can help you get the right information to members who need it. For example, we have dozens of blog posts that provide basic advice on a wide range of issues. We have a YouTube channel that includes quick video presentations on topics of current interest. We can offer many different workshops and programs that will interest members of your congregation. And we’re starting our own podcast to make it easier for people to access advice.

Plus, our professional counselors are here to serve church members who would benefit from talking with a mental health professional, whether in person or by video.

No matter which resource you choose, the information and advice is not only professional, but it’s consistent with the values Care to Change shares with you and your church. You can be confident that members you refer won’t encounter advice that would conflict with your guidance.

Just take a look through our website, or contact us with your needs, and we’ll find the best way to help!

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