“Our kids just don’t understand the value of a dollar. They think they’re entitled to whatever they want, and have no concept of what it takes to get money. They treat me like I’m an ATM. I have no idea how they’ll survive when they’re on their own!”

Do those words sound at all familiar? If you haven’t said them about your own children, your parents may have said them about you once upon a time.

Life isn’t all about money, but money does play an important role in our lives. While we wish that our children would learn about money and how it works at the same time they’re learning about algebra and chemistry, the reality is that schools do very little to prepare students for ATMs, credit cards, 401(k)s, and mortgages. And, as with so many things, a lot of what kids learn about money comes from watching how their parents handle it.

So how do we help our kids understand what money is and how it works? How can we instill a sense of responsibility that will keep them out of financial trouble when they’re out on their own, and remove the sense of entitlement that leads them to believe they deserve whatever they want to have (and that you should eagerly pay for it)?

Join us on Tuesday, June 12 at time p.m. for the next installment of our Summer Parenting Series. We’ll talk about practical ways to help your tweens and teens understand the value of a dollar and how your family’s values intersect with your dollars. We’ll share practical strategies for heading off arguments about money, encouraging your children to enjoy saving as much as spending, and how to help them understand complex concepts like credit.

It’s a workshop that’s full of value, and the best part is that it’s absolutely free! But our seating is limited, so you’ll need to reserve your place. Want a more personalized discussion about your kids and money? Contact us to set a time to talk with one of our counselors.

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