Long ago, people discovered the power of fire. They didn’t completely understand it, but it made it possible for them to be safer at night, extend their working hours, survive in colder climates, improve the quality of their tools, and enhance the taste and safety of their food. They also learned fire had a deadly side. Getting too close to it could result in painful burns and allowing it to grow out of control could lead to the destruction of their homes and habitats.

Debt is a lot like fire. Used carefully, it can provide opportunities we might not otherwise have. Without mortgage loans, most people would never be able to buy homes. Without student loans, many of us would not have been able to pursue the careers that make our current lifestyles possible. Like fire, though, debt can get out of control and damage our well-being. Having too much debt can force people into bankruptcy, causing them to lose much of what they’ve worked for. Debt can feel overwhelming, and burdensome.

Many people assume the secret to solving their financial problems is simply to earn more money. Yet in most cases, the problem isn’t how much money comes in each month — it’s how much goes out. Using credit cards and other debt to buy things you want, but really don’t need and can’t afford, can keep you from feeling peace of mind.

The professional counselors at Care to Change know that financial problems frequently interfere with the happiness of the people we serve. Growing debt and struggling to pay each month’s bills can create a significant amount of stress. In fact, money problems are often a key factor in troubled relationships.

That’s why we also offer financial counseling. Our goal is to help people better understand and take control of their finances. We share proven strategies for dealing with debt and staying out of it in the first place. That way, people can focus on living their lives instead of being consumed by financial problems. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by debt or just want to do a better job when it comes to managing money, why not set a time to talk?

Jeff Houvener is a businessman and financial counselor who has completed the Dave Ramsey Counselor Training and Pro Coaching programs. He and his wife lead the Financial Ministry at Connection Pointe Christian Church and he’s ready to help you set goals, get out debt and “live like no one else.”

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