Today’s business owners and managers face a constant battle to achieve more. We’re often judged by factors such as employee productivity and turnover, so we’re constantly seeking strategies that can give them an edge and enhance their ability to meet goals.

There’s one factor that can have a remarkable effect on issues such as productivity, employee satisfaction, and more. It’s paying attention to your team’s mental health and providing access to resources to support their well-being.

Just as employers provide medical benefits and wellness programs to keep employees from becoming sick and missing days of work, tending to their mental health can be a smart move for your company.

Issues with mental health are more widespread than you may realize. In a typical year, one in five adults deals with a mental health issue such as depression or anxiety, and about one in 25 lives with a more serious mental illness such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. Mental health issues aren’t a sign of weakness or laziness. There may be biological causes, such as something in your genes, a change in your brain chemistry, or the effects of an injury. Past experiences such as traumas can also cause problems. Mental health issues affect all ages, races, and people of all income levels.

How can you help your employees? One way is to form a partnership with the Care to Change team. We can work with you to educate your employees and provide support for the challenges they’re facing for far less than the cost of employee turnover or lost work time. We focus on addressing issues in ways that reflect your interest in and caring for your employees’ lives. For example, we can provide specialized counseling for employees and mental-health screenings that your employees can use confidentially to determine whether they or their family members might benefit from assistance.

We can also provide workshops or lunch-and-learn sessions to educate employees on proven strategies for overcoming workplace conflicts, handling stress or finding ways to avoid burnout. We can educate them on issues such as anxiety and depression, so they’ll know what to do if they or someone they love are suffering. We can provide one-on-one, group, marital and family counseling at a reduced rate to your employees. And if your company has an established EAP, we can explore ways to add our services to the resources you already offer.

Want to have a conversation about what we can do to help you help your employees? Contact us today, and we’ll arrange a convenient time to talk!

Danielle Huff is Care to Change’s Human Resource Coordinator.

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