The next time someone asks us how long eternity is, we’re going to suggest they start a construction project. Okay, we’re kidding — a little, anyway — but it does seem like we’ve been working on our new counseling center forever. Just when the dust settled (literally) we jumped on the opportunity to add the space that came available next to us… which means we’re in the middle of construction, again.

In the meantime, though we are open for business and we welcome you here. Care to Change is now located at 10080 E US Hwy 36, Suite A in Avon, on the north side of Rockville Road, across the road from LongHorn Steakhouse. We think you’ll find our new counseling center to be both very comfortable and very professional … much like our professional counselors. We designed the center to make it easier to have constructive conversations, with a variety of different rooms that are best suited for different clients, and features that assure your personal privacy.

The counseling center is one part of the combination that makes Care to Change a unique place for individuals and families. The others are a staff of professionals with extensive education and a solid grounding in proven, evidence-based approaches, and a foundation built upon the timeless truths God has provided in Scripture. Everything we do is built upon four core values:

• We acknowledge that God is the owner and sustainer of Care to Change, and that the families we are serving are His children, each made in the image of Christ, pre-planned for good works and a fruitful life of purpose.

• We rely on the Bible for guidance and direction on all matters and commit to adhering to Biblical principles when making all decisions.

• We interact with all business partners and clients professionally, respectfully, and courteously.

• We will protect the dignity of our clients and respect their decisions for care by following and imitating Christ’s example of love and compassion in every interaction.

If you’d like to make an appointment or learn more about our approach, we invite you to get in touch with us or visit our website.

We’re excited about our new facility and eager to show it to you!

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