Humans are creatures that thrive on connection. Our brains light up when we’re in the company of other people, and we’re eager to hear what they have to say. A great TV show can capture our full attention and bring a full range of emotions.

So when we’re socially distancing ourselves or in some kind of quarantine, it’s easy to for us to become discontented and even depressed. Our brains aren’t getting the connection we need, so we’re not receiving human feedback and touch.

Our minds and bodies react to whatever kind of stimulation they receive, and that’s important to remember at a time when we have access to fewer things than normal. We may find ourselves placing extra attention to things that may not deserve it — like reading negative social media posts or messages designed to frighten us, or spending hours watching network news shows.

One solution may sound too simple. While we can’t control much about corona, we can control the stimulation we give our brain. Let’s decide to choose wisely what we put in our minds. Stop reading the unsettling social media posts, especially since the vast majority of people who make them are either wrong or misguided. Fill your feeds with unrelated but inspiring bloggers, adventurers, and nature loving organizations. Better yet, turn off your phone and TV news. It’s beginning to look and feel like spring outside, so we encourage fresh air, walks, and face timing with friends. Pay close attention to the friends that are active and positive, and stay closer to them during this time.

Breathe. Move your body. Meditate on the positive, like scriptures and inspirational quotes. Use your creative side. Sing. Do those projects you’ve been putting off for a while. Choose whatever works for you. But most of all, protect what goes into your mind.

And please know. we’re in this with you. Call us. Text us. FaceTime us. Email us. Or best yet, schedule a secure video appointment with us.  We have hope to share and ways to help you through this time.

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We’ve also enclosed this helpful tips for handling covid page to help.

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