Guest, Stefanie Boyce, B.A, CSD, CET-1,  R-YFT, MBC is the Oaks Retreat Director, creator of the Oaks Retreat signature framework and Founder and Therapeutic Coach at Inner Sanctuary Home, Inc. She received her degree in Psychology and Community Health and holds certifications as an Experiential Therapist, Spiritual Director, Yoga Instructor, Mind-Body Coach and Wellness Counselor.

Stefanie hosts workshops, retreats, yoga instruction, and therapeutic coaching for individuals and groups. Blending her creative passions, life experience, and training, she loves holding space for others to get curious, dig deep, and live well.

Stefanie loves working with people who are in seasons of discovery and transition. People who want rest, but rest feels foreign. People who are feeling a bit stuck or are asking, is there more?  People wondering where they belong and if their insides and outsides will ever match. People who want expansion and growth within their framework of faith. 

Stefanie also loves working with overachievers, type A folks, and people that are highly driven, but don’t have to be. She works with men and women that are seeking wholeness and want to integrate, deepen, and explore the mind-body-spirit connection and take action from that intersection.

Join therapist and managing director of Care to ChangeApril Bordeau, and returning guest, Stefanie, as they discuss the importance of rest in all seasons of life. 

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