Jessie Larimer

Specialist in teens, adoptive parents, ministry leaders and their families. 

Bilingual (English and Spanish).

Being a parent involves constant education, both as one raises their own children and as they observe the lives of families around them. Through the years, Jessie has seen firsthand the impacts of autism, adoption issues, anxiety disorder, ADHD, fetal alcohol syndrome, and bipolar disorder. Her own journey taught her the value of emotional and spiritual well-being, and her experiences guided her to help other people through the challenges they face.

After studying Christian education at Wheaton College, Jessie obtained her master’s degree in counseling at the Central American Theological Seminary (SETECA). She believes compassionate care, therapeutic interventions, the application of God’s truth, and embracing God’s extravagant grace in our lives will bring about lasting change.

Today, Jessie works at our North Indianapolis location to help teens and adults who are struggling with anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, ADHD, and social and developmental challenges. She provides counseling to missionaries, pastors, and their families, and guides aging adults as they face health crises, diminished functioning, and grief. She and her husband, Eric, raised three children who are now young adults. The family enjoys spending time together, especially outdoor activities such as hiking, running, and canoeing.