Today is a special episode as Executive Director of Care to Change, April Bordeau, talks about toxic relationships. It’s a hot topic right now, and she wanted to give a special episode of some of the signs of a toxic relationship. She also offers practical solutions for positive change if you recognize any of the signs listed. 

Signs summarized include:

  • Gaslighting¬†
  • Projection¬†
  • Moving the Goal Post¬†
  • Inducing Stress to Relieve The Stress¬†
  • Silent Treatment¬†
  • Blame Game¬†
  • Love Bombing¬†
  • Playing the Victim¬†
  • Denial¬†
  • Playing the Hero¬†
  • Lying or Exaggerating¬†
  • Guilt Tripping¬†
  • Baiting ¬†

Special recognition given to Cindy Lee of the Halo Project, for collecting these into one succinct list explained in her group called Making Sense of Your Worth.

The abuse cycle mentioned can be found here.

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