Join Executive Director of Care to Change, April Bordeau, and therapist at Care to Change, Jared Jones, as they answer your questions and discuss practical solutions for positive change in finding the freedom you deserve.

Freedom: the state of not being imprisoned/enslaved
People want freedom from

  • fear
  • their past
  • addictions
  • financial debt
  • suffering/pain
  • expectation of others
  • comparison

Gal 5:1 says not to be burdened with the yoke of slavery
Pet 2:16 says to live as people who are free
Gal 5:13 says we are called to freedom

Freedom is oxygen for the soul. 

What is required?

  • mindfulness/awareness of self
  • pausing and getting curious
  • rest
  • breathe
  • self acceptance/self compassion
  • boundaries
  • recognition of progress
  • knowing your truth

What behaviors show you are living in freedom?

  • The fruits of the spirit will be evident
  • creativity
  • authenticity
  • connection
  • resilience
  • service to others

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