Join special guest Marc Pimsler and therapist/director of Care to Change,  April Bordeau, as they discuss the difference between behavior modification and true inner healing.

Marc is an entrepreneur, published author, sought after trainer, therapist, supervisor and coach. Since 2004 Marc Pimsler has worked experientially in a variety of counseling and consulting capacities. Marc is as passionate about doing clinical work, as he is counselor education and supervision. Marc owns MVP Consulting, a private practice consulting firm, where he serves individuals and families in need, specializing in addressing addiction, shame and trauma. MVP Consulting also serves companies and teams in need of specialized experiential work. Marc is proud to serve as the executive director of the International Society for Experiential Professionals (ISEP).

During this episode Marc explains that one will know it’s time for deeper work when he/she feels stuck in patterns, when he/she feels activated/unsettled more often, when “things keep coming up” or when they feel.  If you’re feeling frustrated with the lack of progress , you know it’s time for more.

“You don’t wait until the house is on fire to decide to do a kitchen remodel… Don’t wait until you have to go to therapy. Go because you *get* to go.”

You won’t want to miss this inspirational episode where you’ll be reminded that the world needs you to remember and live the best version of who you were created to be.

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