Join April Bordeau, Director at Care to Change, and therapist, Brittany Gipson, as they discuss bipolar and mental health. Take a deeper dive into how to walk support someone with bipolar and what this disorder can look like.

People who have Bipolar Disorder feel that they are at the mercy of their symptoms.

If you have or think you have bipolar:
– Talk to a doctor or psychiatrist who specializes in Bipolar Disorder
– Create a Routine
-Eat well to support your body
– Get medication for treatment if needed

To support someone unwilling to see they need help:
-Use I statements
-Track their moods
-Come from a place of love
-Talk care of self
-Set emotional boundary

To support loved ones with Bipolar:
-Know warning signs
-Help with routines
-Encourage accountability partner
-Put boundaries in place
-Prioritize Self- Care

May is mental health awareness month, and we are taking a  deeper look into the topic of Mental Health.  Join us as we talk about mental health and not walking alone through your own mental health journey.


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