Join April Bordeau, Director at Care to Change, and therapist, Brittany Gipson, as they discuss the correlation between anxiety and gratitude. 

 Most people don’t realize that there are two types of gratitude – one is the cultural norm of saying thank you, and the other, a deep heart felt positive emotional response that includes returning kindness and appreciation, which also is linked to positive mental health. 

5 ways to embed gratitude in your heart include
1. Calling those you love to appreciate them,

2. Appreciating yourself by choosing happiness,

3. Praying with gratitude for the things you appreciate,

4. Keeping a journal of not just what you appreciate but why, and

5. Having a gratitude buddy who will keep you accountable to focus on the good.

These simple, yet effective steps will cultivate a heart of gratitude and boost your mood. 


·       You Are Enough: Calming Anxiety with Gratitude  by Silver Kiwi Media

·       Practice Thankfulness: Cultivating a Grateful Heart by Sam  Crabtree , 

·       Ginger’s yoga class

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