Meet Abigail Callahan

Specialist in anxiety, depression, and stress in teens and young adults.

Any middle child will tell you about the struggles they faced trying to find their own place and identity. Perhaps that’s what drew Abigail to a career as a professional counselor. Having watched her peers deal with all the challenges in growing up, she wanted to be there to support other teens and young adults in effective ways. After earning her undergraduate degree in psychology from Indiana University, she began graduate studies in social work at IUPUI, focusing on mental health and addictions. She’s already earned her professional certification in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Abigail has seen the impact therapists have had on the people around her, and she also wants to help people overcome barriers so they can fulfill their goals. After serving one internship with the Care to Change team, she was eager to return when offered a second round.

When Abigail isn’t working in our North Indy office or reading the many volumes of material familiar to others who have been grad students, you’ll find the Redemption Christian Tabernacle member reading, playing Sudoko, or roller-skating and enjoying the world around her.